K9 Security Units


Highly Trained K9 Security Units

Visual Security now offer highly trained K9 Security Units and Handlers anywhere in the Northern Territory for both short term and long term services. Security dogs not only present as a deterrent to offenders but have heightened sense of awareness to detect offenders that may normally go unnoticed.

Our K9’s and Handlers are professionally trained and are highly experienced in working in the territory environment, which is why we consider them as the “ultimate deterrent”, in this industry.

Our K9 Services range from:

  • Mining and Construction Security
  • Car Parks and Building Patrols
  • Private properties
  • Remote Shelters and
  • K9 Mobile Patrol Units (New)

All Handlers are provided with the necessary accessories and tools to maintain and fulfil a safe and hygienic environment for K9’s including signage, secure leads, muzzles and harnesses for vehicle travel.

Visual Security K9 Policy

The use of Security Dogs in our workplace is for the protection of the Handler and to provide a deterrent to members of the public who might otherwise try to physically engage the Handler. Security Dogs are not to be used at any time to attack or engage members of the public with a strict No chase, No apprehension policy.

  • Security Dogs will at all times be secured on a lead when patrolling
  • The lead will at all times be in a trained Handlers hand
  • At no time is any site employees, contractors or member of the public to approach, pat or feed the Security dogs whilst on duty, due to the safety of the k9’s
  • At no time will a Security Dog be left unattended whilst on site
  • At no time will a Security Dog be chained to any object – fence, pole, tree etc where it can come into contact with any member of the public passing by
  • Security Dog is to be secured in Mobile Patrol Unit with harness or cage mount provided when travelling
  • Handlers must maintain a minimum (5m Radius) safe distance when dealing with members of the public so that the Security Dog does not lunge or come close to a member of the public causing harm or fright
  • At no time will any Security Dog be allowed off the lead to run after / run down a member of the public

All and any incidents arising on a patrol with a Security Dog is to be immediately reported to Visual Security Management.